Thursday, November 25, 2010

The 25 days of Christmas!

This year we are doing the 25 days of Christmas, as a family.  We will begin December 1st, and count down until December 25th.  Each day we will do some sort of Christmas activity, such as a Christmas craft, watch a christmas movie, decorate the Christmas tree, read a Christmas story...things like that.  

So for the past week I've been working on the plan.  I've got a list made, and I know how I'm going to construct the calendar itself, so today is the day I put it all together.  I've got some red sparkly burlap-ish material, on that I'm going to add the actual calendar grid.  It will be made out of sparkly white organza, which will be made in to small compartments, for each day, complete with a little flap and a clip to keep it closed until the day of.  I've got some fabric that I will cut out to spell "The 25 days of Christmas" at the top, and a bunch of small decorations to fancy it up a little bit. 

So the three girls will each take turns opening the days compartment, and reading it out loud...well, Annie won't of course.  

I really wish I had a working camera to take pictures of all of this, while I make it so you all could see, but somehow it got broken.  So, when it's all done, I will take one picture with my webcam, and post it here.  :)

If anyone else would like to do this with their family, here are a few links to inspire you\

Or you could just google like crazy (which is what I did) and combine all the ideas you find in to one project.

Also, here is my list of 25 activities (not in order yet)  for my calendar:

1)    Good Elf Day (We do as many good deeds as we can fit in to one day)
2)    String popcorn for tree
3)    Penguin or snowman recycled lightbulb tree decoration
4)    Decorate the Christmas Tree
5)    Bake sugar cookies & decorate them
6)    Write letter to santa & mail it
7)    Listen to Christmas music and colour a Christmas picture
8)    Read a Christmas story
9)    Write Christmas cards
10)                       Make paper snowflakes
11)                       Go and see Santa
12)                       Salt dough Christmas tree decorations
13)                       Make chocolates
14)                       Make Teacher gifts & wrap them up
15)                       Bake Christmas Pies
16)                       Snowman window cling craft
17)                       Watch a Christmas special/movie on TV
18)                       Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights, with popcorn & blankets.
19)                       Pajama movie night with popcorn
20)                       Learn about another countries Christmas traditions
21)                       Play in the snow & have hot chocolate (first day of winter – 22)
22)                       Toilet paper roll snowmen craft
23)                       Take the cookies we have made to our neighbour
24)                       Hang up stockings, leave out milk & cookies, and put out carrots for the reindeer

Aand I've been struggling for a new tradition for our family to start for Christmas day.  traditions keep a family close, and we need our own, so, I've come up with one idea, and it may change, but I think Im going to stick with it.  On christmas morning, after all the presents are opened, and everyone has had a chance to check out their new stuff, we'll all get dressed up, and Ill serve everyone a fancy brunch.  COmplete with orange juice in wine glasses, candles, a nice tablecloth on the table, and some music playing.  I know the kids will FLIP out for that, and I love to see them smile, so, we'll go with this idea.  

If you decide to do this with your family, let me know, I would love to hear about it! 



  1. Your plan sounds so sweet! I don't have any Christmas tradition yet, even though I love the holidays. I guess I will get some nice traditions if I get children. Although I can start this year of course. Well, maybe I'll do that! You got me inspired :)

  2. You can start this year! You could make a plan for your Christmas preperation, Flylady style. Plan something for each day, and it wont all pile up at once. :) I read a comment by one lady who said she had no children, but she does her Christmas prep, and throws in a few self pampering days in to the mix. Try that! You deserve it!