Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 1 - December 1st.

Well I said I would post daily for our families 25 days of Christmas, and I failed horribly for December 1st. I've been working on our advent calendar every time I get the chance, but it's still not quite done, and here it is almost the end of day 2!  Im sure I'll get it done tonight. 

Anyway, the activity for December 1, was for each of my kids to have a chance to pick out a new Christmas tree decoration; so off we went to my favourite store - Dollarama!  :)  That was pretty exciting for them, they couldn't decide, and changed their minds about 3 times, each.  In the end, they were all happy. 

Nataya's choice

 Annie's choice

Oriah's choice

I'll be posting today's activity right away!

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