Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I've been up to

So, last you heard from me, I had a post about couponing in the works...right?  It's still sitting in my "drafts" file, but it won't be getting past that state for about two weeks. 

Why you ask?

We're moving!  Yeaaaaaaah!  Finally, we're out of this tiny little house, and in to a bigger, better house.  This one will be going up for sale this coming summer, so we're ahead of the game, and out before we're told to find a new place...and this town doesn't have much to choose from, so - we're ahead of the game.  The landlord of the house we're moving in to live in Jordan,  and they don't plan on coming back to Canada, so we've been told that we can rent the house as long as we need to.  Nice!  they've hired the local real estate company's owner to act as a property manager, so we have someone local to deal with if we need it...but no nosy landlords popping in daily - I've had one of those.  Not fun.

Anyway - we've got the keys, I've got three rooms packed up and ready to go on the weekend, and I will be busy packing, moving and unpacking until the week of Valentines day - Im sure.  THEN - be ready for some pictures.  :)

Once we're settled, Ill give you the couponing post I've been promising.

Until then...

*Muah* ♥ x0x0x

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