Friday, November 19, 2010

Decorating for Christmas in November; yay or nay?

Today feels like the perfect day to pull the Christmas decorations out of the basement storage, but alas, it is only November 19th.  For some reason it seems wrong to me.  I've got my wreath up on my front door, and a snowman window clingy thing, but thats the extent of my decor.

On Sunday we're taking the kids to the city to see the Santa Claus parade which should prove interesting.  The forcast is saying -11°C, which isn't too bad...but thats the estimated high, the estimated low is looking to be about -22°C. Not fun.  I know after seeing all the Christmas-y stuff, and the big guy himself, I will REALLY want to decorate...and the kids will too.

This year we're doing "The 25 days of Christmas."  I'm (slowly) creating a 3'x3' advent calendar, each day will hold a note with a Christmas activity on it, and each of my girls will take turns each day reading the note.  December 1st is going to be to Decorate the Christmas tree.  So... 11 more days!  We'll see who has more patience, the kids...or mom.

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