Friday, December 3, 2010

Countdown - 22 days until Christmas

So, I was counting up, when I should have been counting today would have been 3, but instead, it is 22.  22 days until Christmas, WOW. 

Todays activity for the 25 days of Christmas is for our family to make a Christmas Blessings Jar.  What this means, is that we are all going to write down five things we feel blessed to have.  After we write them down, we'll stick them in the jar, and put them on the counter.  I'm going to tie some ribbon around it, and decorate it up a little, and it can also double as a decoration.  When Christmas is over, we'll put it away with all of our other Christmas decorations and then next year we can read them, and add to it, and continue on, throughout the years.

*Hopefully* we'll still have this keepsake when the kids are grown, and they can have something to look back on.  

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