Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sooo many ideas!

I've been spending less time online, and more time DOING stuff.  The time spent online is usually spent googling craft ideas.  I have 4 full post it notes on my laptop, of things I want to make.  If I do one per day, I should finish up by February...that is - if I don't add any more ideas to the list.  My big project that I am verrrrrry excited for, is a no sew knot fleece blanket or 2 - or 5...we'll see.  I found a woman online selling 7 feet of brand new polar fleece for $10.  WOW!  I'll buy that! 

Something else I want to try is a poinsettia centrepiece for the Christmas season.  I might have to switch each week, as I plan on making a few different styles.  I plan on making one for my mom, one for my neighbour, and one for the staff room at the kids' school.

Then there are the little purses I'm almost finished with.  Im excited for those ones!  I started a few weeks ago, they're made from old worn out jeans.  I cut the pockets out, decorated them, one for each kid, and then hot glued them on to a little denim bag I made from the pant leg...the hem being the bag opening.  Super easy.  I just need to come up with a strap/handle.  I think I might braid some strips of denim, and then sew them on.  The girls are gonna flip!

Anyway, while I was making the purse, I was sure to document the whole process with my camera, so I am hopefully *crosses fingers* make my very first video tutorial! :)

Of course I'll post it when it's ready!

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