Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yesterday was a food-ish kind of day.

Singer Sewing Machine Model 319W - Causes me much stress, but I won't give up....yet.

Teacup candle. My Granny gave me the cup, and it sat in a cupboard, wrapped in newspaper forever, until I decided to fill it with wax and a wick, and BAM!  Pretty Candle. My girlies were impressed.  :)

So, this is my lemon sauce/marinade for my chicken.  I was going to let it sit all day, but I thought ahead to how busy the ktichen usually is at supper time, and I threw it all in to the crock pot.  ♥ that thing.  Its just a bunch of lemon juice, like 1/2 a cup, equal amount of water, 1/4 cup olive oil, a buttload of spices, and seasoning and lemons, of course.  T'was alright.


My mom gave me her bread maker, the first day, I used the regular 4 hour setting, getting really puffy, bubbly, soft bread.  The next day, I used the rapid 1 hour setting, and got doesn't look like much, but it was DEEELISH! 

First time EVER making cinnamon buns.  I didn't know what to bake them in/on, so I used a pizza pan...weird, I know. 

This is from supper time tonight.  I was preparing beef stir fry.  the recipe called for cornstarch, so I took off the lid, to find this label/seal.  Notice it says NO MESS!

They LIE!  It went EVERYWHERE!!!
I also baked four dozen peanut butter free monster cookies for my kids' school lunches, and Annie's snack attacks.  I did this all while preparing the cinnamon bun dough, and doing the dishes after supper, so taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.  Sorry guys!  They're super yummy though.  Smarties, raisins, chocolate chips & butterscotch chips. Ill include the recipe in tomorrows post.

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